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Protecting and Restoring Your Child’s Gut Health When They Need Antibiotics

Antibiotics are life-saving medications, but on the other hand, they’re overused. Antibiotics are overprescribed, especially in children, for conditions that don’t require or respond to antibiotics, such as viral ear infections and colds. I’m always against the use of antibiotics when they’re unnecessary; however, there are times where they are necessary.  I anticipated that ifContinue reading “Protecting and Restoring Your Child’s Gut Health When They Need Antibiotics”


Maeve’s ‘Real Food’ Birthday Cake

We celebrated our daughter’s first birthday this week! A first birthday is such a special celebration of growth, development, milestones, parenthood, breastfeeding (if we chose to), and learning (on both ends!).  I wanted to share Maeve’s birthday cake! After researching a couple recipes for inspiration, I made my own rendition on a ‘real food’ birthdayContinue reading “Maeve’s ‘Real Food’ Birthday Cake”

Feeding Little Ones: Starting Solid Foods

Introducing solid foods is an exciting milestone for your little one! There are several methodologies of introducing solids, including which foods to start with, when to begin, how to serve the food, etc. The goal of this article is to share and summarize some evidence, and what worked well for our daughter, Maeve. When toContinue reading “Feeding Little Ones: Starting Solid Foods”

Plant-Based Diets & Meatless Alternatives on the Rise: A Naturopathic Doctor’s Take

Plant-based diets have been increasing in popularity as research shows its potential health benefits in favorably altering metabolic parameters, such as body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, blood sugar, hemoglobin A1C, blood lipid levels, and more. While including more ‘plants’ into your diet (vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains) is undoubtedly a healthy step for someoneContinue reading “Plant-Based Diets & Meatless Alternatives on the Rise: A Naturopathic Doctor’s Take”

Important Supplements for Newborns

There are so many things we can do to improve the health of our children, even while we’re pregnant and when they’re newborns. I’ve shared some guidelines on nutritional supplementation during pregnancy in another post, but now I want to focus on nutritional supplements to consider for babies. Breast Milk is Foundational Breast milk isContinue reading “Important Supplements for Newborns”